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Added on 05/18/2006
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Andrew "Dice" Clay 1

  For once, the capitalist marketplace seemed to work in a beneficial manner when it came to this guy. I once worked with a woman from Brooklyn...generally speaking, a delightful, intelligent woman...who came to work one day in the late 80's enthusing about this new comic who was "absolutely hysterical". She lent me a video of an Andrew "Dice" Clay concert appearance. I had never heard of him at that point. He looked ridiculous on the cover of the video, a Jew portraying an offensive Italian stereotype, but I decided to bite the bullet and give it a listen. After all, my co-worker was bright and reasonable; how bad could it be? Pretty bad, as it turned out. "Dice" was awful, and his wildly enthusiastic audience put me in mind of nothing so much as a Nuremberg-style rally. Talk about a bund type mentality! Clay was racist, offensive, and, perhaps worst of all, completely unfunny (I remember reading a hilarious interview once with comic Sam Kinison, who was offensive but had some talent and could be funny, and when Clay's name came up, Kinison said...and I paraphrase, "Can you believe this is my competition, this is what I have to compete with-- 'Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up my c**k...are you kidding me?" ). Clay would talk about a race of people-- "These people ain't white, they ain't black...they're URINE COLAHED!!!" and his audience would raise their fists in they air and whoop enthusiastically. I remember sitting there thinking to myself, "What in hell are these morons whooping about?" I prayed to a God I wasn't sure I believed in that this guy didn't become commercially big. Thankfully, for once, my prayers...such as they were...were answered. He got quite a bit of publicity for awhile, and then tanked. At this point, he can't even make a go of it in the deplorable reality-TV genre. In a culture already saturated in hate and intolerance, America needed this guy, and the slew of imitators he surely would have had had he "made" it, like it needed a hole in its collective head.

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Andrew "Dice" Clay 2

Insensitive, but funny.

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