Fresno, CA

Fresno is California's largest inland city. Home to over 450,000 in the city itself and 1,000,000 in ...
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Added on 06/14/2006
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Fresno, CA 3

It seems that the majority of people outside of Fresno, and many inside Fresno, think it sucks. I actually kind of dig it though, and here's why. The people are pretty cool. You just aren't going to find a lot of pretentious folks in Fresno, or much of the Central Valley for that matter. People here are pretty split down the middle politically, which makes it a very right-wing town compared to places I've lived in the state, LA and SF. I find that kind of refreshing, which is a word you don't often here in the same sentence as Fresno. I like that there isn't much traffic, there's lots of sun, and it's really an under-rated sports town with two minor league baseball teams (AAA Fresno and A Visalia). You'll find that a lot of professional athletes come out of Fresno; with great sports programs in schools, and not much else to do, this place creates some elite athletes, particularly baseball and football. A few other things I like - you'll find plenty of really nice, affordable homes here. Some are downright beautiful. You're also close to Yosemite and the Sequoias, and you're basically right in the middle of Los Angeles and San Francisco. All in all I'm not saying I would live in Fresno, but I could.

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Fresno, CA 2

Yeah, but it's also crime-ridden, polluted, and just not very attractive. Furthermore, it doesn't have much in the way of culture, considering its size. Trust me, I know; I live here.

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