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Added on 04/19/2007
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Qatar Airways 5

Excellent all round facilities, service, consideration and politeness. Must say something about the comfort of the airline. The crew were wonderful. The service is excellent and the seats are more than comfy. It is one of the places I go to search flights now, they have best deals.

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Qatar Airways 5 is the only place I go to search flights now, after consistently finding them to find the best deals. They don't 'promote' any particular airline, but are totally transparent, plus they include the extra fees and taxes that you know you have to pay but many other 'comparison' sites leave off. This is helpful, as you can make a fair assessment of which is the best price.

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Qatar Airways 2

Cabin Appearance: Clean Presentable

Service at departure airport: Regular with no glitches, in fact extremely co-operative check-in staff who helped me get good seats and confirm my child's meal! Plus the staff at LHR also gave passengers with kids priority so we could get on board conveniently!

Seats: What you would expect in all economy classes so no different from any other, in fact maybe a bit worse.

Meals: Although they provided a menu card and asked to choose options beforehand, the trolley was already out of all chicken choices halfway down and the beef option as many fellow passengers complained was undercooked. Kid's meal was satisfactory with a healthy burger and some fries and one candy bar!

In flight entertainment: The options for kids were very few with only 7-8 options to choose from and each option lasting only 30 minutes! No educational channels or trips to the cockpit for the many children on vacation in-flight. In-flight Duty Free terribly expensive. The AVOD malfunctioned on a few seats while on the way back and hence had an extremely boring and hard to get through experience!

Cabin staff: Efficient and helpful on the way to LHR but the way back was pretty unsatisfactory and harrowing as no activity packs for kids were available, same choice of programs on the AVOD and so had to actually rummage through the hand luggage to find my little one stuff to do!!

Arrival services: Transfers of Qatar Airways are usually through Doha and the ground staff guide you but with no courtesy that a child is along. The wait at the Doha Airport was for 6 hours, minimum available and the dinner provided was as if in a school cafeteria with one apple, one slice of bread, one piece of chicken!!

Summary: An option I was keen on in the beginning but that completely changed on the way back with inefficient preparations of cabin crew whether it was with meals or for children on board and the totally exhausting wait at Doha the most unexciting and disorganized airport in the world!!

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